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Kentucky Main Street Programs contribute to dollars invested in downtowns across Kentucky

Main Street Economic Impact

It’s All About the Numbers – Main Street Data

The National Main Street Program Four-Point Approach helps small towns with economic development in a proactive and progressive manner, gaining strong results.  It has a reputation as one of the most powerful economic development tools in the nation, creating more vibrant and healthy downtowns through job creation, business growth, building rehabilitation, and cultural enhancement.

The Main Street organization is comprised of community volunteers who care about their historic district.  They organize their efforts and create a work plan to accomplish what is best for the revitalization of their downtown and the success of their small businesses. 

The economic impact of the Main Street program is known for its ever-expanding economic base and its resiliency. Main Street assists with increasing the knowledge base of existing business owners, fosters entrepreneurial start-ups and expansions, recruits new small businesses, and finds new ways to utilize vacant and underused commercial space to create an economically productive property.

For 45 years, Kentucky Main Street communities have been the catalyst for economic development.  In 2023, participating programs reported a cumulative investment of over $61 million in downtown commercial districts.  The total represents $32 million in private investment and $17 million in public improvements. 

Job creation is essential for economic development and is achieved by investing in community assets through incentivizing locally-owned small businesses, improving the quality of life and promoting a sense of place, attracting new businesses and residents. 

Across the Commonwealth, Kentucky Main Street recorded a net gain of 649 new jobs and 126 new businesses in just one year.

In addition, the program supports 4,260 small businesses and over 27,954 jobs.
The Kentucky Main Street Program is Economic Development…it’s all about the numbers.

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